Our Services


Outstaffing Lite

Outstaffing Lite/ Building Capability Center is a service that provides help in finding professionals, managing payrolls, enhancing skills, replacing staff and evaluating job performance. We can either put your workforce at our SMI office or a coworking space depending on what you want. Also, we can offer support in fostering cultural alignment through office events, gifting and other initiatives so that your outsourced team integrates seamlessly into your office culture.

Space Support

Space Support offers a comprehensive solution for expanding your team complemented by our established partnerships with multiple co-working spaces. We assist in securing dedicated office spaces as your workforce grows, ensuring a seamless transition. Our team collaborates closely with yours to understand space requirements, budget constraints, and personal preferences, optimizing cost-effective utilization while meeting functional and aesthetic needs. From identifying suitable locations to negotiating leases, we handle every aspect of setting up your office space, simplifying the process for you. By providing a centralized workspace, we promote cooperation and facilitate better communication among employees, enhancing productivity and satisfaction within your organization.


India site visits

India Site Visits is a special service that we have created to help our customers organize and manage the visits of their top managers and other important people. We provide full support: careful planning, logistics coordination and cultural mediation so that the trip could serve as an opportunity for smooth intercultural adaptation. We aim to make such connections which will lead to successful partnerships therefore cultural components are integrated into the whole program seamlessly.