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SMI Engine’s outstaffing and capability center unit, which is a place of precision and professionalism that redefines outsourcing solutions. This was started in November 2022 as we partnered with a leading E-Commerce startup from the Netherlands. We facilitate the seamless assembly of highly skilled technology professionals in India.

Currently, our first-ever client has become a model for success with more than 30 skilled professionals working under them in addition to having an office which is fully operational in India. In fact, we can boldly say that all our efforts are focused towards giving our clients the best value possible through precisely designed cost-plus models.

We have quickly extended our services to 6 clients in the Netherlands and tied up with hard.coded to create outstaffing/capability center options for clients in the Netherlands.

We are further envisioning to expand and serve Small and Medium Enterprises, Startups, Corporates and Financial Institutions globally in multiple sectors such as IT Development, Cybersecurity, Financial Services, Research and Analyses and much more.

By exploring this diverse expertise, we're empowering organisations to build robust teams capable of driving innovation and achieving their goals effectively.

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Core Goal

To help small and midsize companies set up and scale in India with a affordable cost plus model so we can add value to their growth story

Our Values

  • Excellence: Our mission is to provide our customers with outstanding service and solutions while maintaining excellence in all areas of activity.
  • Integrity: We believe in a fair, open and honest process, guided by moral values that create trust and confidence in relationships with clients and partners.
  • Innovation: We are a team of individuals driven by a passion for innovation.
  • Professionalism: Reliability, competence, and commitment are three traits that best define us; thus we strive to be professional always when dealing with clients or colleagues alike — this is how much they deserve from us!
  • Value-driven philosophy: We believe we must offer outcome-oriented answers putting client’s success first which should surpass their wants thereby contributing towards growth narrative.

Our Team


Nikhil Nagarkar

10+ years in Management Consulting in Bain and 2 years... in Invesement Banking in JP Morgan,MBA from ISB Hyderabad.

Varun Goradia

15+ years in society management working across all function ...in a housing society. Serial entrepreneur with more than 4 startup to is name.Masters in management,south Thames College,London.

Sanjay Goradia

Mentor and Sr.Advisor
40+ years of experience in the cooperatives space.Highly respected industry veteran.

Mayur Parmar

Busines Head
15+ years of experience in International Business... across multiple industries and domains,wealth of knowledge and expertise in areas such as global market trends, cross-cultural communication, strategic partnerships, business management, and international relations.

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