Our Services

1. Accounts Management

  • Tally or ERP based accounting done at backend.
  • GST TDS file creation, challan creation and filling.
  • Includes - Billing, Bank reconciliation, payment support for regular payments.
  • Voucher creation and checking at the back end and monthly checking of the bank file.

2. Full Service Society Management

Accounts & Billings

  • Preparing and distributing maintenance bills.
  • Collection of payments (cheque dropbox or online; No Cash) and sending receipts (Online or print through our software).
  • Attending to banking follow-ups(Passbook, Statement, FDs).
  • Full accounting online (Full access to MC, only personal access to members).

Statutory and compliance

  • Digitising all existing records as per M.C.S. Act 1960 and rules in 1961 (Charges may be applicable to make a building compliant, if it is not).
  • Following up all registrar, BMC, Legal and Audit matters(Guidance on dealing with the matter to be provided by MC).
  • Minute-ing meetings and writing out circulars.

Complaints / Letters & Notices

  • Acknowledging, documenting and following up complaints (While SMI will rigorously follow up, onus of solutions is on the MC; SMI will only advice) .
  • Maintaining online complaint register.
  • Drafting & finalising of letters and notices.
  • Initial Draft can be communicated via digital channel or dictated to RM via phone, can also give written copy / dictate to field executive (SMI RM can provide pre-drafted letters from our library if available) .

Vendor Management (Plumbers, Electricians, Security, Housekeeping, Etc.)

  • Creating an exhaustive vendor list of the building’s existing vendors (Alternative vendors can be suggested on demand).
  • Registering Complaints and follow up on closing (For BMC, Legal, Registrar, other major matters will require MC involvement & guidance).


  • Checking up and following up stocks and supply of the building.
  • Following up with security guard on any problems reported (complaints, suggestions, etc) or otherwise (meters, lighting, etc).